RapidSeedbox Review 2020

RapidSeedbox review

RapidSeedbox is an English Seedbox provider which was created in 2008 and sine, it offers really nice solutions for people who are looking for a Seedbox or a dedicated server. As you’ll see during this RapidSeedbox review, this provider does not only offer VPS (Virtual Private Servers) for which you are certainly reading this, but also some dedicated servers on which your bandwidth won’t be split between several users. Without wasting any more second, discover our RapidSeedbox review in which you’ll discover why this provider is really the best according to us and to our 4 criteria. 

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With quality solutions, Seedit4.me is also a big name in the market. Its service is available from 9.99€ per month for 1TB storage and 1Gb/s bandwidth !

RapidSeedbox review : the quality of the client support

The first criterion that we take into account for this RapidSeedbox review, as always, is the quality of the client support. In fact, we really think that this is something crucial if you want to have a good user experience.

Indeed, if ever you have any issue with your Seedbox, or, simply, if you have a question to ask, you’ll be happy to find a responsive, efficient, and friendly client support. As far as all this is concerned, our RapidSeedbox review is more than perfect. In fact, we were really pleased by the quality, the professionalism and the availability of this client support.

RapidSeedbox-client-support (1)

As a matter of fact, if our RapidSeedbox review is so positive, it is because you’ll get a real 24/7 client support. Yes, all the providers in our ranking offer a 24/7 support, but it is by far not as good and responsive than with this awesome provider.

Here, the support is REALLY answering 24/7 and you’ll never wait more than a few seconds to get your answer. Indeed, thanks to the online chat, you won’t have to send any email or open a ticket to get an easy and fast answer to any of your queries.

Visit RapidSeedbox

In the end, our grade for this section of our RapidSeedbox review is 10/10 without any hesitation. In addition to the very fast and efficient client support, the employees are also very friendly and humans.

For these reasons only and the awesome client support, we would directly go to this provider. But, as you’ll see in the next sections of our RapidSeedbox review, this is only the beginning of a large number of strengths…

The choice of Seedboxes

Second criterions of our RapidSeedbox review, the choice of Seedboxes. As far as this is concerned, one more time, we were very pleased by what we’ve found. As a matter of fact, you’ll be able to choose between 5 different packages, which, normally, should easily suit all your expectations. Indeed, you’ll find solutions between 500 GB and 2.800 GB…

If we look at it into details, the Fast offer will give you 500 GB of storage space and will cost 16$/month. The second solution is the Quick pack with 1.000 GB of storage. Third solution is the Stream and also offers 1.000 GB of storage.

The difference with the Quick is that here, you’ll be able to run Plex and you’ll have 5GB of RAM instead of 4GB. The fourth option you have is the Rapid Seedbox which offers 1.400 GB of storage. Finally, for people who really have a lot of videos, photos, musics, documents,…to store, you’ve got the Furious Seedbox and its 5,6 TB of space storage.

Why RapidSeedbox

As you’ll see in our comparison of the best Seedboxes, this is one of the providers which offers the largest choice. Without any hesitation, we graded it with a 10/10 in our RapidSeedbox review for this section.

In fact, you’ll definitely find something that suits you…unless you want something very small (smaller than 500 GB) or something crazy big (more than 3 TB). Furthermore, note that you’ll be able to install up to 50 softwares on your Seedbox.

Among them, Plex is definitely our favorite ! In fact, the later enables you to stream files that are stored on your Seedbox without having to download them on your computer.

It is really close to Netflix…but it is better ! In the next section of our RapidSeedbox review, you’ll discover everything about the quality of the interface and the performances of your Seedbox with this provider.

The quality of the interface

Third criterion of our RapidSeedbox review, the quality of the interface is, one more time, very satisfying. In fact, first, you need to remember that there is absolutely no bandwidth limit.

This means that you’ll never be blocked because you downloaded or uploaded to many TBs of files. Furthermore, even though this is something we’re now used to, it offers a very good 1Gb/s connection.

Compared to Seedbox.fr and its 10Gb/s, this is not that crazy, but, when you’ll use it, you’ll see that this is definitely very good. This Seedbox provider really pleased us as far as speed connection is concerned even though we would have liked to have more Gb/s, definitely. Still, contrary to Seedbox.fr, this provider does not limit the maximum number of simultaneous active files. This is something we really liked and that mattered in our RapidSeedbox review.

Check out prices for RapidSeedbox offers

As everywhere, the subject of our RapidSeedbox review offers a free VPN included in your offer and pre-installed on your Seedbox. This works under OpenVPN and will perfectly make your connection anonymous in order to download anything without being spied on. As you can see on the screenshot above, the different solutions have variable RAMs. This goes from 2 GB to 11 GB for the Furious at 60$/month.


Concretely, this means that your interface will react quickly and that will particularly enable you to install many many applications without have any slowdown of your Seedbox. Even with the “only” 2GB of RAM on the Fast Seedbox, you’ll already have some awesome performances. Always keep in mind that this is a Premium provider and all its offers are really good.

In the end, our grade for this section of our RapidSeedbox review is 9/10. In fact, we did not give it an even better grade because the 1Gb/s connection speed is not as good as Seedbox.fr’s 10Gb/s or DediSeedBox’s 2Gb/s.

Still, you’ll manage to download or share files at an impressive speed. During our RapidSeedbox test, we managed to reach 120Mb/s which is so sick ! The next part of our RapidSeedbox review will be about the prices of the different packages.

Conclusion of our RapidSeedbox review : the tarification

Here we already are at the conclusion of our RapidSeedbox review which will look into the different prices of the 5 packages. As far as prices are concerned, we have to admit that RapidSeedbox is quite expensive.

In fact, the cheapest solution is already 10$ for 512 GB of storage space. This is one of the rare providers which have such a high “entrance” price. This high price can discourage people who just want a small seedbox with 100 or 200GB of storage…

Yet, our RapidSeedbox review is still positive because you’ll get 14 days money back guarantee in order to try and discover the offer you want.

Therefore, you can try the Fast or the Furious seedbox, and, if it doesn’t answer your needs, you can go to an other provider. In order to be able to compare the different Seedbox providers, we always compute the price in $ for each GB stored.

RapidSeedbox prices

The prices are to following :

  • Brisk Seedbox : 10$ / month and you’ll have 512 GB of storage
  • Fast Seedbox : 15$ / month for 1 TB of storage
  • Quick Seedbox : 23$ / month and you’ll have 2 TB of storage
  • Stream Seedbox : you will get 1 TB of storage and 15 TB of traffic for 26$ / month
  • Rapid Seedbox : 31$ / month for 2.8 TB of storage
  • Furious Seedbox : 5.6 TB of storage and 25 TB of traffic for 57$ / month

These prices are quite expensive if you compare them with the cheapest VPS providers. Yet, our RapidSeedbox review is still very good because you can get some significant discounts if your rent your Seedbox for 3 months, 6 months or a year. The prices we display here are without any discounts and only for 1 month rental.

As far as payment methods are concerned, you’ll have the choice between VISA, Mastercard, PayPal or Bitcoins. In other words, you’ll definitely find a way to pay and rent your Seedbox with this awesome provider. In the end, our grade for this last section of our RapidSeedbox review is 8.2/10.

Indeed, even though it is cheap if we have a look at the $/GB stored, it is still above the majority of its competitors. If you want a cheap seedbox, this is maybe not the best solution. Yet, if you want the best, no matter the price, this is definitely the one you need !

Below, discover a very short summary of pros and cons that we put forward during this RapidSeedbox review.

  • Pros : The awesome client support, the huge choice, the very good quality of the interface and the compatibility with Plex.
  • Cons : The 1Gb/s speed which is no match for Seedbox.fr and its 10Gb/s connection and the prices which are really high here.


Our RapidSeedbox review ends up with a very good average grade of 8/10. This grade which is really excellent enables this provider to rank first in our best Seedbox comparison 2020. Definitely, its client support, choice and quality are worthy of interest. If you choose this Seedbox provider, you’re sure that you won’t be disappointed.











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