Is it better to use a VPN or a Seedbox to download torrents?

The easiest way to download anything is with torrents. Users are able to get books, movies, series, games and music for free as other users upload the files to torrent sites for them to access.

The problem with torrent sites is that if the item you are trying to download is copyrighted, downloading it for free is illegal. This means that users need tools like VPNs or Seedboxes to cloak their activities on such sites and avoid trouble with the law.

They are both great options, but users often wonder which is better. In truth, the choice is based on personal preference as they both have good qualities.  

Seedbox or VPN

Pros and Cons of Using VPNs for Torrent

A Virtual Private Network is a private network extended over a public one. With this, users can browse the public network in the safe bubble of the private one. This means they can use the internet (and torrent sites) without being “seen”.

This cloaking ability is a necessity to users, so this plus is a given.


The additional pros of choosing a VPN are;


VPNs price ranges differ with each provider, but they are generally not so expensive. One of the best ones, ExpressVPN, costs 6.67 dollars per month. This is considered expensive for a VPN and there are cheaper options also.

Yet, considering the wealth of browsing freedom this tool offers a user, this is not a bad price to pay.

It Protects All Your Browsing

VPNs cover a lot more than just our downloads and uploads. When you purchase a VPN, all of your browsing is safe. This means that you are protected from information theft, the government’s prying eyes and more.

All in all, purchasing a VPN saves you a lot of money. You get the freedom to torrent, and many other benefits all rolled into one.


All in all, VPNs are a wonderful option, but there are a few drawbacks.


VPNs can pose an issue of speed when it comes to torrenting. This is the main drawback. A good one would give great speeds of some 160mbps, but this is not the case with every VPN, some have speeds of as low as 10mbps. With speeds like this, it would take a while to download files.

Not Good for Continuous Share

This tool works very well, but if you want to continue to share files 24/7 and use it on your BitTorrent software to share your file after downloading, you have to keep your device turned on.

Pros and Cons of Using a Seedbox to Torrent

A seedbox (be it a free or paid one) is a server that offers users fast and secure torrent downloads and uploads. It has a web interface which comes with its own IP address, so when you log into the seedbox all of your torrent actions are done from that IP address and not yours, sufficiently cloaking you from the eyes of the law.


The Pros of choosing to use a seedbox are;

Online Storage

They offer cloud storage to a user so when you torrent, you download files from the internet into your seedbox cloud storage. This file can stay there for as long as you want. Other users can also see files that you upload, and download them for the ultimate torrent experience.


Seedboxes are located within data centers. This allows them to attain unprecedented download and upload speeds. Their speeds range from 10mbps up to 20gbps, which is simply amazing. Huge files could be downloaded or uploaded in mere minutes, saving you loads of time.

Great for Continuous Share

This tool is great for when you want to continue sharing files or seeding. It works 24/7 as your seedbox is always on.


A seedbox is specifically for torrenting, so it is understandable that it is wonderfully suited to it. One drawback however, is the price. It is rather expensive for a tool that has just one purpose. It is way more expensive than a VPN, considering it does way less. Yet, you can still find some quite cheap Seedboxes when you know where to look.


There is no real competition between VPNs and Seedboxes when it comes to torrenting. Both tools are great in their own right and it is only personal preference that can determine which of them a user will opt for.

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