Is it Simple To Use a Seedbox? Find Out Here!

One of the best things to use to torrent is a seedbox. Its amazing features has made it quite popular among avid torrent users, and now many look to it when they are in need of a good torrent tool.

To new and prospective users, it is a concern whether or not a seedbox is easy to use. Those who are not tech-enthusiasts often worry that it will be too complicated, but this is not the case. A seedbox is very simple to use.

Is it easy to use a Seedbox

What Is a Seedbox?

A seedbox is an online server with an IP address of its own and cloud storage. It is accessible via a web interface and is used to upload and download files on torrents at very high speeds.

How To Get It?

In order to get access to this server, a user must rent it from a provider. It is up to a user to decide the download speed and cloud storage space they want to rent. The more space and speed, the higher the price.

You’ll often be able to install more than one torrent you’ll be able to access it from any browser. All you need is to log in to your client interface.

How Does It Work?

In the seedbox interface you can load a torrent file or a torrent link and once it is done loading, it would begin downloading immediately and automatically seed (share) the file once the download is done.

After this is finished, the downloaded file is saved on the server’s cloud storage for you to download to your device whenever you like. You may also stream your downloads straight from the seedbox if there is a compatible media player available.

Since downloads are usually done with an FTP or SFTP connection, no torrent traffic ever comes from your home internet connection.

This means that you don’t ever use the BitTorrent protocol which is monitored from your home IP address. All your Internet Service Provider ever sees is that you initiated FTP traffic which is legitimate and permitted.

Since the server has its own IP address, that is what will be traced. Any DMCA notices will go to the seedbox provider and not the user.


Seedbox Speeds

One very notable thing about a seedbox is its speed. As they are hosted in high-speed datacenters, you’ll be able to get performances you’d never get at home. This means that the connections to the internet are incredibly fast.

According to the provider you choose, you can hope to up to 40gbps (at for instance). At such speeds, you could download a full movie in HD before you could blink. Entire series could be downloaded in a few seconds.

The downloads using this method are so fast that you no longer worry about how long a large file will take to download, but instead if you will have enough space to store it. As a user, you get to choose the speed of the seedbox you rent.

This feature is what makes this service so popular. Download speed is a very important factor to torrent users since a lot of the files we want are huge. The speeds seedboxes offer revolutionize the way torrenting is done, and it is not something to pass up on.


It is very easy to understand how a seedbox works and even simpler to use it. Their major purpose is to make torrenting easier for users and it does that very effectively.

If you’re convinced, you can select one of the cheapest seedboxes here.

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