Is a Seedbox Safe for Torrenting?

There is no better way to get and transfer files than torrenting. From movies to books and even music, anything goes. While the act itself is not illegal, the copyrights on material makes it illegal to share or download them without permission.

Torrent users are constantly looking for better ways to escape these copyright laws, and a seedbox is one of the available solutions.

Sometimes even with a solution, users cannot be sure if they are completely safe, so many still wonder if it offers proper protection. The answer is YES. A seedbox is completely safe for torrenting.

Is a seedbox safe for torrenting

What is a Seedbox?

It is a rented online server that allows users to download and upload files quickly and securely.

It serves as storage for your downloads or uploads (similar to an online cloud) and it allows users to download from it to a device, completely risk free.

This means that you can upload files on it and those with access to it can see the files and download them.

They also come with a BitTorrent software installed on them which make it possible for you to share and download files.

Put simply, it is a protected web space that offers users very fast download/upload speeds and easy torrent access.

It was mainly built for the purpose of safe and easy torrenting.

How Do Seedboxes Work?

For one to have access to this web space, it must be rented from a seedbox provider. This is somewhat similar to how Apple users purchase iCloud storage, but that is where the similarity ends.

They are much more than just cloud storage. They have IP addresses of their own with which a user can download without fear of being issued DCMA notices. The notices go to the provider and not the user since it is not their IP address being used, but that of the web space. This makes them very safe for users to torrent on.

They have a web user interface that you can log into with any browser. This allows you to control them remotely. When you download a file into your seedbox, it takes up space in the cloud storage. It is saved there for you until you are ready to download it into your device. When you upload a file it also takes up space in the cloud storage and can be viewed by the users who you share it with.

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The Advantages of a Seedbox

There are several upsides to the use of this tool. These include;

High Speeds

If there is one thing that torrent users appreciate, it is fast downloads. Users are normally downloading large files, such as entire series, music albums, or operating systems.

Fast download speeds are therefore very important, but unfortunately hard to get while torrenting. Luckily a seedbox makes it possible.

They are inside data centers with unprecedented connection speeds to the Internet, so speed is not an issue for them.

Your download speed is completely up to you as you get to decide the speed of the seedbox you want to rent. Depending on your provider, speeds can range between 10mb/s to up to 20gb/s. A good service we can recommend is and its super fast servers.

Ease of Use

They are very easy to use. They offer impressive speeds yet don’t take a toll on your home internet. This means that while you handle heavy downloads on them, you can still use your home internet for other things at normal speeds without any drag or slowness.

It is also possible to set up automatic downloads through RSS feeds. This way, you won’t have to move an inch, it will download them all on its own.

Solution for ISP Throttling and Blocks

They are also able to keep your internet service provider from throttling your speeds. When an ISP notices that you are using larger amounts of bandwidth than they are comfortable with, they will begin to throttle your internet speed, effectively slowing it.

To avoid this happening, a seedbox does not use torrent traffic on your home ISP.

Some ISPs also have blocks on BitTorrent ports which disallow you from accessing sites affiliated with the ports while using your ISP.

This tool makes it possible to bypass these blocks when you use FTP for your downloads. If you use SFTP or FTPS, then the connection between you and the web space is encrypted meaning that your ISP can only see how much you are downloading, but not what you are downloading.


When it comes to torrenting, a seedbox is one of the best options. It is completely safe and secure, and provides its users with the best download speeds possible.

If you are an avid torrent user looking for the safest and easiest way to handle your downloads, then it is for you.

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