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Seedbox.io Review

Review Seedbox.ioLast update : 18 November 2019. The subject of our Seedbox.io review offers a very comprehensive solution for your web hosting with a very large choice of Seedboxes and dedicated servers. It is definitely part of the references in the US, in Europe and in the world and has been on the market for years now. Even though this may not be the best Seedbox provider, our Seedbox.io review remains really positive. Still, it has some weaknesses in our 4 criteria that explain its average grade of 8.8/10. Without wasting any more second, discover our in-depth Seedbox.io review in which we’ll look into all its strengths and weaknesses through the analysis of our 4 usual criteria.

Seedbox.io review : the client support

First criterion of our Seedbox.io review, the quality of the client support left us with a mixed feeling. In fact, it is true that their answers are, most of the time, very fast. As a matter of fact, you’ll get answer within way less than 1 hour, which is more than correct. As all Seedboxes that you’ll find in our Seedbox comparison, you’ll have a 24/7 available client support. This is very pleasant and this explains the good grade in this first section of our Seedbox.io review.

Unfortunately, the only way to communicate with the support is via mail or ticket. Indeed, there is no phone, no chat, no Skype which is really a shame according to us. Furthermore, the assistants are not the most friendly and their professionalism is no match for RapidSeedBox or SeedBoxBay, to name but two. We were therefore a bit disappointed on this point that should definitely be improved even though it is far from being catastrophic…we are just very demanding with this very good seedbox provider.

Despite all this, this is still a good quality client support which will answer really swiftly but there is a real lack of « human contact » because of the fact that Ticket is the only way to contact them… In the end, our grade in this section of our in-depth Seedbox.io review is 9,3/10 thanks to the very very swift answers, no matter the time. In the next section, you’ll discover the comprehensive, but very complex choice of VPS, dedicated servers,…

The pretty complex but comprehensive choice

As you’ll see in this second section of our Seedbox.io review, the choice of Seedboxes is very large and comprehensive…but complex ! In fact, we didn’t test any other provider which offers such a complicated offer. This is almost impossible to understand if you’re not used to it. Hopefully for you, we’ve analyzed very precisely all the solutions and you’ll easily manage to find what is suitable for you. The fact of having such a complicated presentation can sometimes be confusing for the visitor which is a bit bad according to us…

As a matter of fact, you’ll be able to choose between 3 different formulas. Then, each of the formula has several different packages. Well, that’s not easy to follow ! The 3 different formulas are the Mini Slot, the Premium and the SSD Slot. Then, you’ll be able to choose between several sizes of disk space. In the end, the bill can rise very quickly. As a matter of fact, the Mini Slot can be 200Go, 300Go, 400Go or 500Go. For the Premium solution, it has 1.000Go of storage if you don’t add anything. Yet, you can add 500Go, 1.000Go, 2000Go or even 2600Go. That makes a potential of 3.600Go for the biggest Seedbox there. This is a storage that we really enjoyed during our Seedbox.io review. Finally, the SSD Slot solution offers 200Go without any modification. You’re able to add 50, 300 or 800Go of disk space. In the end, you can have 1.000Go of SSD storage on your Seedbox. But, as you’ll see in the end of this Seedbox.io review, the price is significantly higher.

Well, you should now have a clearer idea of the very large choice that this provider offers. In the end, you can find something suitable for you between 200 and 3600Go. In other words, there is absolutely no chance that you don’t find what you need…as far as storage is concerned. If you only want to do a single download once a week or if you want to do hundreds and stock all your files on your Seedbox, it will be possible there ! Yet, as we’ve said above in this Seedbox.io review, what we really don’t like is the fact that it is very complicated. That’s why our grade is not that good in this section of our Seedbox.io review. If we had only taken into account the choice, it would be way closer to 10/10.

Also note that you’ll be able to rent dedicated servers there. Yet, we won’t go into details about that because 90% of our visitors are certainly here for the Seedbox or VPS and not for the dedicated servers. In the end, our grade for this second section of our Seedbox.io review is 9/10. In the next and third section of our in-depth Seedbox.io review, we’ll have a closer look to the quality of the interface.

Test and review Seedbox.io

The quality of the interface

As far as the quality of the interface is concerned, our Seedbox.io review is by far not the best. In fact, first, we were really surprised to find only 100Mb/s of connection speed on the « basic » Seedbox. Indeed, all the competitors that you’ll find in our 2017 Seedbox comparison all have at least 10 times more in terms of connection speed. And this, even on their « entrance » solutions. Even their best solutions « only » offer 1Gb/s of up and downlink which is nothing crazy when we talk about Seedboxes. This is way beyond Seedbox.fr and its 10Gb/s speed… Well, for all this, our Seedbox.io review is not very good for now in this section.

As far as applications are concerned, you’ll only be able to use the awesome Plex application on the « Plex Servers ». If you take one Mini or Premium slot, you won’t be able to use it. One more time, this is something that really disappointed us…

As far as the speed of installation or the availability of your server are concerned, our Seedbox.io is really positive, though. Indeed, everything works really well and we always managed to access our VPS ! As you’ll see in the fourth and last section of our Seedbox.io review, you can test the quality of this provider thanks to 14 days of money back guarantee. If ever you don’t like it, you just have to ask for your payback and go to an other Seedbox provider. We’ll come back more precisely on that later.

In terms of security, one more time, our Seedbox.io review is really good as you’ll be protected thanks to a VPN which works under OpenVPN and this application no longer needs to prove its value. This will enable you to have a perfect anonymous connection in order to download and share any files you want. What we also liked is that both the number of active files and the bandwidth are totally unlimited ! In the end, our grade for this third section of our Seedbox.io review is 7.5/10 because of the bad connection speed (100Mb/s on the basic Seedboxes). Without wasting any more second, discover the conclusion of our in-depth Seedbox.io review in which we’ll have a look at the tarification of the different solutions.

Choice Seedbox.io

Conclusion of our Seedbox.io review : the tarification

As we said in the second section of our in-depth Seedbox.io review, this provider offers quite a difficult to understand tarification. Therefore, if you don’t write everything down, you have no chance to be able to compare the different solutions. Hopefully for you, we’ve done a very close analysis in order to help you find the solution that suit you best. Here are the different prices, like always, with a €/Go ratio. We’ve kept the prices in euro because the change rate between $/€ is moving a lot. Therefore, we chose to keep it that way in order to have the exact numbers. If you pay in $, you need to keep in mind that it will be slightly superior to the prices in €.

  • The « Mini Slot » package : 2,5 cents€ /Go /month
    • You’ll have 200Go for 5€ that makes 2,5 cents€ / Go / month.
    • You’ll be able to add 100Go for a total of 7,5€ and that makes 2,5 cents€ / Go / month.
    • If you add 200Go, you’ll pay a total of 10€ (for the 400Go) and that still makes 2,5 cents€/ Go / month.
    • Finally, you can reach up to 500Go of disk space if you add 300Go for a total amount of 12,5€. This still makes 2,5 cents € for 1Go stored.
  • The « Premium Pack » : between 1,3 and 1,4 cents€ / Go / month
    • By default, you’ll have 1To for 14€ which makes 1,4 cent€ / Go / month which is really good.
    • To add 500Go, you’ll have to pay 6€ which will offer you 1,5To of storage for 20€. That make 1,33 cent€ / Go / month which is even better.
    • Adding 1.000Go will cost you 13€ (which is kind of strange because it is more than if you add 2*500Go…well…) which makes a total amount of 27€ for 2To. That makes 1,35 cents€ / Go / month which is MORE expensive than the previous solution. It is there that we see that their very complicated formulas can be a real trap… If you want to have the best €/Go ratio, the 1,5To storage is therefore better than the 2To...
    • You’ll also be able to add 2To for 25€ which end up with 3To for 39 euros / month. That makes 1,3 cent€ / Go / month. For now, this is the cheapest solution we’ve seen.
    • Finally, you’ll also be able to add 2,6To for 36€ and have 3,6To of storage for a total amount of 50€. That makes 1,38 cent€ / Go / month. This is MORE than the 3 previous solutions. One more time, you see and understand why we really don’t like when the packages are very complicated. Indeed, there is often something hidden behind. Normally, people would think that it is cheaper when it’s bigger. It is true with all the other providers, but not there ! In the end, if you want to get the best €/Go ratio, you need to add 2To of storage.
  • The SSD Slot : the Go between 9 and 10 cents € / month
    • This last solution starts with 200Go of storage for 20€ that is to say 10 cents / Go.
    • You an add 50Go for 5€ that would make 250Go for 25€ that is still 10 cents / Go.
    • Adding 300Go will cost you 25€. You’ll have 500Go of SSD storage for 45€ that is 9 cents / Go.
    • Finally, if you really need a big SSD storage, you can add 800Go to have a total of 1To for a total amount of 90€. That make 9 cents / Go / month.

You know everything in detail about the offer of this provider. As we told you in the beginning of this in-depth Seedbox.io review, this is kind of complicated ! The cost / Go for the SSD offer is considerably more important but it is way cheaper than EvoSeedBox for instance. If you want to try it, you can do it easily during 14 days and then ask for a payback thanks to the money back guarantee. This is something we really enjoyed and that mattered for this Seedbox.io review. This will enable you to discover the interface, the quality of the client support, and everything. Therefore, if you don’t like it, you just quit and ask for your payback. As far as means of payment are concerned, you have a very large choice. Indeed, you’ll be able to choose between Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, PayPal, Bitcoin, bank transfer or Paysafecard… 

Note that if you order for a trimester, a semester or for one year, you’ll get significant discounts which are very likeable. Indeed, instead of paying 14€ a month on the Premium Slot, you’ll pay only 11€ if you pay annually. The same goes for with smaller discounts when you order for a semester or a trimester. Our Seedbox.io is definitely very positive about these discounts.

Globally, the tarification is very competitive and we gave it a 9/10 in this last section of our Seedbox.io review. We hope that it has been useful and we thank you for your visit. Just below, discover a very short summary of the strengths and weaknesses we put forward during this in-depth Seedbox.io review.

  • Pros : The fast client support, the Seedboxes from 200 to 3.600Go, the very good prices, the compatibility with Plex on the dedicated servers and the large number of means of payment.
  • Cons : The connection speed between 100Mb/s (only) and 1Gb/s maximum, the client support which is not easy to reach, the complexity of the offer and the prices of the SSD offer.

 Our Seedbox.io review may not be the best we’ve done but we still think that it definitely deserves its place on our website and in our 2017 best Seedbox comparison and ranking. Indeed, with more than correct a grade of 19/20 in average, it is really worthy of interest even though it has some weaknesses. Hopefully, it also has some significant strengths such as its low prices or its large choice. 

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Seedbox.io Review
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