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Seedbox FRLast update : 18 November 2019. The provider for which will do our Seedbox review is Seedbox.fr today. This French provider has done an awesome job at adapting all its website for English people with everything perfectly translated into English. This very recent change is more than likable. Indeed, as you’ll see in this Seedbox.fr review, this is definitely a very good VPS provider and the fact that it is now available for English people is real good news. This provider really offers really good solutions for people who want to download, upload, share and store hundreds our thousands GBs of files. It is also one of, if not THE one which offers the best quality/price ratio as you’ll see in the end of our in-depth Seedbox.fr review. Without wasting any more second, discover our 4 relevant criteria which will enable you to know more about this very good VPS provider. 

Seedbox.fr review : the quality of the client support

As always, let’s start this in-depth Seedbox.fr review with the quality of its 24/7 client support. Even though they boast a 24/7 support, it is actually not that true. Indeed, this is only true is you’re having a real problem with your VPS. Therefore, if you just have a simple question, you’ll have to contact them on more traditional times during day time. At night, you might never get any answer… As far as communication means are concerned, you’ll have the choice between chat and phone (only during the day, and you need to take into account the jetlag with France) or via Ticket (whenever you want). Note that the waiting time for tickets is way longer than the first of our ranking, RapidSeedbox. This is the reason for which our Seedbox.fr review is not excellent in this section.

In fact, as we’ve just said in this Seedbox.fr review, this is not a real 24/7 client support which is a bit disappointing if we compare it with its competitors. If, one day, you’ll have a little problem at 2am, we wish you luck to get a fast answer. Well, actually, thanks to the jetlag, it won’t be nighttime in France so maybe you could get a fast answer. Yet, during day time, always keep in mind that it might be nighttime in France. Because of the slow client support, we graded this provider with a 7.5/10 in this first section of our in-depth Seedbox.fr review. Indeed, if we compare with other providers, such as RapidSeedBox, EvoSeedBox or SeedBoxBay, there is room for disappointment.

Even though it is not the best client support that we happened to test, it is still correct. Indeed, the employees are very professionnel and most of the time, you still can get a fast answer. Yet, this is not always the case…contrary to RapidSeedBox with whom you won’t wait more than 30s…60s maximum ! Here, it is longer but this is not too bad either ! Indeed, we are just being very very exigent because all the providers offer a 24/7 support. So if we are not exigent and criticize for a 1 hour waiting time, then, you won’t be able to compare and find the best Seedbox provider. Well, as you’ll see in the next 3 sections of our Seedbox.fr review, it easily balances this weakness. Indeed, the 3 grades to come are really really good.

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The choice of VPS

Second criterion of our Seedbox.fr review, the choice of VPS is not bad at all here. Indeed, you’ll be able to choose between 4 different solutions which are well diversified as far as size is concerned. Therefore, this provider will perfectly answer to different demands. As a matter of fact, you’ll have an « entrance » offer with 200Go of storage space and it goes to 3To for people who really need a large storage space. Well, in other words, this is really close to perfection with a very small and very large solution.

If we have a closer look to it, the SDBX-200G is 6€ / month without taxes, that makes approximately 7,2€ / month with taxes. As its name say, you’ll have 200Go of storage space. It will be perfect for people who want to discover the world of seedboxes and start downloading, uploading and sharing files. The second solution is the SDBX-600G, which, without any surprise, offers 600Go of storage space. The third solution is the SDBX-2T with its 2To of storage. Finally, the last solution is the ultimate pack SDBX-3T which offers 3To of storage. Also note that, with this provider, you’ll get a free Seedbox for 1 month with 50Go of storage. Many users start with it for a few days before they turn to a bigger and better offer. Yet, this is something we really enjoyed during our Seedbox.fr review.

Since July 2017, you have two more solutions which have been added to Seedbox.fr VPS choices. They are the « Premium Seedboxes » and they have now a ruTorrent interface, no limit of active files simultaneously, AND, finally, Plex installed ! For people, like us, who really love this media player, you’ll definitely enjoy the Premium solutions. You’ll find a 200 and a 600Go storage for the time being. If they have a huge success, maybe the teams will develop some bigger disk storages.

As you can see, there is really a good choice of VPS here and they will perfectly answer to various demands. This is really something we liked and that really matters in our Seedbox.fr review. Hence our very good grade of 9/10 in this section. Indeed, we would maybe have liked to find something between the 600Go and 2.000Go Seedbox, but this is the only criticism we can make. In the next section of our Seedbox.fr review, you’ll discover the very good quality of the interface.

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The quality of the interface

In order not to change our mantra, our third session of our Seedbox.fr review is about the quality of the interface. As far as this is concerned, we were more than satisfied during our in-depth Seedbox.fr review and we’re going to tell you why. First, you won’t have 1, 2, nor 5 but 10Gb/s of connection speed, no matter which offer you choose. This is certainly one of the main strengths of this Seedbox provider. These very high speed servers will offer you an awesome user experience. Even though the difference between 1Gb/s and 10Gb/s is not very visible on small files, it is definitely if you go for larger files. With this speed connection, you’ll get a UHD movie in a few seconds only. Our Seedbox.fr review is really positive and, if you need to have a certain ratio for your torrent website, you’re sure to have a crazy one if you take a Seedbox with this provider.

Like many of its competitors, it offers an anonymous connection thanks to OpenVPN which will perfectly protect you from being spied on. You have no reason to be scared of downloading and sharing files and this is maybe the reason for which you want to rend a VPS at Seedbox.fr. Even though downloading files (movies, series,…) is not allowed, you’ll be able to do it without any problem with your VPS. We really enjoyed the comprehensive interface during our Seedbox.fr review that lasted a few weeks.

We therefore graded it with a 9.8/10 in our in-depth Seedbox.fr review. Why not 10/10 ? Unfortunately, you won’t be able to have more than a certain number of active files running simultaneously on your Seedbox. In fact, the the « basic » offer, you’ll only be able to have 10 simultaneous downloads (or uploads, or both) and on the Premium pack, you’ll be able to have 300 files running simultaneously. We found that this was a bit of a shame to have such a low (10 active files) number for the entrance offer… This is for this reason that we did not go to 10/10 in this section of our Seedbox.fr review.

In the next section of our Seedbox.fr review, you’ll discover everything about the tarification, the means of payment and the 30 days of free trial on the 50Go VPS.

Seedbox.fr review

Conclusion of our Seedbox.fr review : the tarification

Here we are, already concluding this Seedbox.fr review about the tarification of the different solutions that you’ll find with this VPS provider. As we already said earlier in this in-depth Seedbox.fr review, this is certainly the best quality/price VPS provider that you’ll find. In fact, with a starting pack at 7,2€ / month VAT included, it ranks very well in our comparison and ranking. Even the 3T0 solution is still cheap.

As always, let’s see how expensive each solution is by having a close look to the €/Go stored. We keep the prices in € because the change rate is constantly moving. Still, you can considerer that this is almost the same as the conversion rate is very close nowadays.

  • The basic offer is 200Go for 7,2€ / month. That make 3,6 cents€/Go which is quite expensive compared to the competitors.
  • The 600Go offer is 15,6€ that makes 2,6 cents€/Go stored which is already way more interesting.
  • The third offer is 2To for 30€ and this is equal to 1,5 cents€/Go this is even more interest.
  • Finally, what definitely make its strength is the 3To Seedbox at only 36€/month. This brings the Go stored to only 1,2 cents€ / month.

The Premium solutions :

  • 9,6€ for 200Go which makes 4,8 cents € / Go stored
  • 18€ for 600Go which makes 3 cents € / Go stored

In the end, the subject of our Seedbox.fr review really thrive with very big VPSs but is quite bad for little VPSs. Note that, in order to discover the quality of the offer, you can have 30 free trial days in order to familiarize with the interface and test the awesome 10Gb/s connection. This is very likable and mattered during our in-depth Seedbox.fr review. We strongly recommend you to test this offer which does not need any commitment. Indeed, you won’t have to pay anything and you can stop it whenever you want. What is even more interesting with this Seedbox provider is that it offers incredible discounts if you rent your Seedbox for  a trimester, semester, or for a year.

As a matter of fact, their system really aims at winning the clients » loyalty by incentives to order several months at once. You’ll therefore get 5% discount on a three months order, 10% for a 6 months and 3 free months if you order for one year. Order 12 months –> pay 9 ! In the end, that will make your 3To subscription at only 0,9 cent€ / month for each stored Go. You’ll really struggle to find a better price…

Finally, as far as means of payments are concerned, you’ll be able to pay with Visa, Mastercard or PayPal. Even though the basic offer is not very attractive as far as €/Go is concerned, we still graded this section of our Seedbox.fr review with a very good 10/10. In fact, it is certainly there that you’ll get the best price ! Just below, discover our very short summary of the strengths (Pros) and weaknesses (Cons) that we put forward during this in-depth Seedbox.fr review.

  • Pros : The good choice of VPS (6 Seedboxes), the awesome quality of the services (10Gb/s), the very cheap prices and the very good discounts you’ll get if you rent your Seedbox for 3 months, one semester or the 3 free months if you take 1 year.
  • Cons : The client support and the fact that there is a limited number of active files simultaneously.

 With a very good average grade of 20/20 in our in-depth Seedbox.fr review, this French (translated in English) provider really ranks well in our comparison table of the best Seedboxes 2017. In fact, thanks to its large choice, its awesome 10Gb/s speed connection and its very competitive prices, it really managed to please us. The only little weakness is the client support which disappointed us a little. 

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Seedbox.fr Review
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