How is the client support with ?

Client Support

If your looking for a very very comprehensive Seedbox provider, may definitely have the solution you need. Indeed, they really do offer a large choice of VPS, Seedboxes, Dedicated Servers,… in order to answer to all the demands they may have. In order to enable all these solutions to …

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Client support

With its insane quality/price ratio, definitely deserves its very good position in our ranking. Indeed, it offers quite a few very interesting Seedboxes between 200Go and 3.000Go for very competitive prices. Furthermore, the connection speed is not 1Gb/s here…but 10Gb/s ! If there is something we always care about …

Read More » now offers Premium hostings with Plex integrated reliable is currently ranking second in our comparison table of the best Seedbox provider. With its very competitive solutions, it really deserves all your attention. Indeed, it has quite a few significant advantages that explain its very good rating. In July 2017, it has added two new Seedboxes to its …

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What is a Seedbox ? Explanations and examples

What is a Seedbox ?

Nowadays, using a Seedbox is really well spread for everyone who wants to download, stock and share files. Indeed, thanks to the very high connection speed and the anonymity protection, many people really like to resort to these kind of services. Yet, many people still don’t have any idea about …

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Why is it so important to have a good client support ?

Client support Seedbox provider

Having a good client support with your Seedbox provider is something very important. Indeed, if ever, one day, you have a problem, or just a simple question, you’ll be more than happy to find a friendly, fast and efficient client support. Currently, it is very rare to find a provider …

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Free Seedbox : Where ? How ? Which one ?

Free seedbox

Last update : . Finding a free Seedbox is currently quite a difficult mission. In fact, even though there is a large choice of providers, only a few offer this solution. Yet, most of the time, you’ll find some alternatives such as « money back guarantee » which will enable you to use …

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SeedBoxBay : what we like and don’t like

SeedBoxBay review

SeedBoxBay is a Seedbox provider that you’ll find in our best Seedbox comparison and ranking. With its awesome client support and its very good interface, it really managed to please us during our test and it truly deserve its very good place in our ranking. Yet, it doesn’t manage to …

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