EvoSeedBox Review 2020

EvoSeedbox review

The subject of our in-depth EvoSeedBox review offers really good services with an interface that we had never seen yet. Modern and competitive, this Seedbox provider really pleased us and offers numerous solutions for people who want to download, share and store data. In fact, between Seedboxes, SSD Seedboxes or dedicated servers,… you should easily find something that suits you. As you’ll see during this EvoSeedBox review, we really liked this provider and we can only strongly recommend you to have a closer look to all its solutions. Without wasting any more second, discover our in-depth EvoSeedBox review. 

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EvoSeedBox review : very disappointing client support

First criterion of our EvoSeedBox review, the quality of the client support. As far as this is concerned, as you’ll see, we were that satisfied. As a matter of fact, the 24/7 support is very slow to answer…despite the different means to contact them.

You’ll be able to choose between the traditional Ticket system or go through Discordapp. If you don’t know the latter, it is a chat online on a very well designed interface. This will enable you to chat or call the employees and support in order to solve your problem. To be honest, this advantage really pleased us during our EvoSeedBox review.

This mean of communication is really innovative for a Seedbox provider and you’ll manage to find answers quite quickly sometimes…or not ! Indeed, if ever an assistant is not available, you’ll most of the time find someone (a client) who’ll be able to help you and answer your question. Still, this is not the client support so sometimes this does not enable you to solve your problem.

Free and very simple to use, this support is like a “forum” with included chat where there are severals rooms for discussion. So far, we have seen no other Seedbox provider that offered such a solution.

EvoSeedbox FAQ

Like us during our EvoSeedBox review, we are sure that you’ll manage to fully enjoy this client support. We once had a little issue with Plex and an assistant very swiftly and efficiently fixed our issue within a few minutes only. Yet, our grade is “only” 6.4/10 in this section of our EvoSeedBox review.

Why ? Even though it is available 24/7, we were, unfortunately, quite often not able to have a very swift answer from the client support. If we compare with RapidSeedBox which got 10/10, the waiting time is still totally different and there is no match between these two competitors. Indeed, with the first, you’ll rarely wait more than a few second. With the subject of our in-depth EvoSeedBox review, you may wait hours or even days…

Yet, as we’ve said earlier in this EvoSeedBox review, you’ll be able to ask for some help to the other clients and, most of the time, they are able to help for “simple” questions.

If you have problems with your interface, you’ll need a real assistant, though… Despite this weakness related to the waiting time, our EvoSeedBox review is still good in this section. In fact, the quality of the answers and the very friendly employees really pleased us. In the next section of our in-depth EvoSeedBox review, you’ll discover the choice of VPS.

The choice of VPS

As we’re used to, the second criterion of our EvoSeedBox review is about the choice of VPS. One more time, we were very satisfied with what this provider has to offer. In fact, in addition to the 4 “normal” Seedboxes, you’ll also find some SSD Seedbox and dedicated servers.

As always, we won’t go into details for the latter, even though some of you might be interested. For more information about the dedicated servers, you’ll have to check on their official website.

Still, even if we only focus on the Seedboxes, our EvoSeedBox review is already very positive. Note that, in order to see all the offer, you’ll need to connect to your account. Indeed, everything is not visible on the “public” interface.

You’ll have the choice between 4 Seedboxes from 150 GB (Blitz) to 1.000 GB (Dash) of storage. Between these two, you’ll find the Speed which has 300 GB of Disk space and the Blaze with its 600 GB.

Infos about EvoSeedbox

Note that all these Seedboxes have a 1Gb/s up and downlink connection. If you want to find a better connection, you’ll have to go for a SSD Seedbox, and, again, you won’t be restricted in choice.

In the end, you’ll be able to choose between 8 VPS which is very good. Yet, we still have a little criticism to make which explains that we did not grade it with a 10/10 in this section of our in-depth EvoSeedBox review. Indeed, even though the choice (in terms of number) is quite large, it is not that good as far as Disk space is concerned. In fact, you’ll only be able to choose between solutions of 150 to 1.000 GB if you go for a “normal” Seedbox.

If you go for a SSD, it is between 25 and 150 GB only. This is not that bad and will perfectly be suitable for people who don’t want something too big. Yet, people who have loads of data to store and share might be a bit unhappy with a maximum of 1 TB of Disk space.

Finally, our grade in this section of our in-depth EvoSeedBox review is 7/10 which is among the worse we’ve tested. As a matter of fact, even though we were just a bit disappointed by the maximum 1 TB of storage, the choice is still pretty good.

And, as we said earlier in this EvoSeedBox review, you’ll also be able to go for dedicated servers for those who might be interested. Our EvoSeedBox review is therefore very positive. In the next section we’ll look into the quality of the offer.

The quality of the interface

Third and second to last section of our EvoSeedBox review, the quality of the offer is really satisfying here. Let’s start by something that disappointed us a little even though it is nothing too important.

In fact, contrary to numerous competitors, your bandwidth is limited here. This means that you won’t be able to download or to share up to a certain quantity of data. This will depend on the pack you’ll choose. The more expensive, the more bandwidth you’ll have. Concretely, if we take for instance the Blitz Seedbox, you’ll have 2TB of bandwidth.

What does that mean ? Very simply, this means that you’ll be able to download (+share) a total of 2.000 GB of files. For instance, if you download a 2 GB movie and share it fully 10 times (20 GB), you’ll have used 22 GB of your bandwidth.

Unless you are a real big user, it is really rare that you reach your bandwidth limit. This is particularly for this reason that most providers don’t set any limit. What really pleased us and that mattered in our EvoSeedBox review is the fact that, if ever you reach your limit, you’ll be able to contact the client support and ask for more, for free !

Indeed, 99,9% of time, they have plenty of bandwidth left in the end of the month so they’ll be very happy to give you some more for free. Do really not hesitate to contact them if ever you want more bandwidth. This is a very likable commercial gesture and we really wanted to talk about it here.

EvoSeedbox apps

As far as the number of active files simultaneously on your Seedbox, there is no limit. Our EvoSeedBox review is also a bit “negative” in this section because there is “only” 1Gb/s connection speed. Of course, this is excellent and you’ll be able to download and share files with impressive speed. Yet, it is not as good as some competitors…

For people who are scared of being spied on while downloading files, no worries ! Indeed, there is OpenVPN included on all the offers so you really have no reason to be scared.

You’ll be able to download files without risking anything. We remind you that you’re not obliged to download the files from your Seedbox on your computer.

Indeed, as we said in the beginning of this in-depth EvoSeedBox review, you’ll be able to use plenty of applications such as Plex, Emby, Coach Potato,… to watch all your files directly on your Seedbox with different devices (iPad, TV, computer,…).

As far as the quality in terms of content is concerned, you’ll be so pleased. Indeed, during our EvoSeedBox review, we were really impressed by the numerous applications that you’ll find.

In addition to the very famous Plex, there is also Sonarr, Nextcloud, and many others as you can see on the screenshot above. Our EvoSeedBox review is really positive thanks to all these very good applications which will be installed very easily in a few second only.

What pleased us most during our EvoSeedBox review is certainly the very great quality of the interface. Indeed, your Seedbox will be accessible all time long and we did not face any dysfunction during our test.

In the end, our grade in this section of our EvoSeedBox review is 8/10. We did not go above because of the limited bandwidth and the 1Gb/s speed on the “normal” Seedboxes and 2Gb/s on the SSD (this is very good !). In the next and last section of our in-depth EvoSeedBox review, we’ll look into detail on the tarification of the different solutions.

Conclusion of our EvoSeedBox review : the tarification

Let’s now how a look at the prices of each of the 8 solutions we’ve presented in this in-depth EvoSeedBox review. As you’ll see, this is not the cheapest Seedbox but it is still very interesting.

Without any doubt, EvoSeedBox is one of the bests Seedbox provider on the market. Its offer is very good and we really enjoyed the support. Yet, all these strengths have their drawback : a pretty high price.

EvoSeedbox prices

In order for you to easily compare this provider with others, we’ll do, as always, an in-depth analysis of each solution in terms of $/ GB stored. Well, let’s see that !

  • “Normal” Seedboxes : from 2,6 to 3,33 cents$ / GB / month
    • Blitz offers 150 GB for 5$ which makes 3,33 cents$ / GB / month
    • Speed offers 300 GB for 10$ which makes 3,33 cents$ / GB / month
    • Blaze offers 600 GB for 18$ which makes 3 cents$ / GB / month
    • Dash offers 1.000 GB for 26$ which makes 2,6 cents$ / GB / month
  • “SSD” Seedboxes : from 20 to 24 cents$ / GB / month
    • SSD Monster : 25 GB for 6$ which makes 24 cents$ / GB / month
    • TEvo Gremlin : 50 GB for 10$ which makes 20 cents$ / GB / month
    • Gollum : 100 GB for 20$ which makes 20 cents$ / GB / month
    • Evo Draculla : 150 GB for 30$ which makes 20 cents$ / GB / month

In the end, as you can see, this is pretty expensive compared to other competitors. If we take for instance Seedbox.fr, DediSeedBox or Seedbox.io, they are really close to 1 cent$/GB/month.

Yet, take into account that you’ll find some discounts on the website, allowing you to pay 10 to 20% less. This is for this reason that our grade in this section of our EvoSeedBox review is still quite good. In addition to that, you’ll also get discounts if you rent your VPS for several months / trimesters / semesters of year.

As far as means of payment are concerned, you’ll be able to choose between PayPal, Mastercard, Visa and Bitcoins. Finally, our grade for this last section of our in-depth EvoSeedBox review is 6.5/10. This is still very good even though it is way more expensive than the other competitors that you can see in our 2020 Seedbox comparison table.

Just below, discover a very short summary of the strengths (Pros) and weaknesses (Cons) that we put forward during this in-depth EvoSeedBox review.

  • Pros : The excellent client support, the large choice of VPS, the numerous application (Plex, Emby, OpenVPN,…) and the innovative interface.
  • Cons : The 1Gb/s up and downlink connection is no match for the 10Gb/s of Seedbox.fr, the limited bandwidth (even though actually you can ask for more for free) and prices could be more competitive.


With a grade of 5.3/10 in our in-depth EvoSeedBox review, this provider does not rank that well in our 2020 Seedbox comparison. As a matter of fact, as you managed to see during this EvoSeedBox review, it offers quite a few real advantages, among them, the use of Discordapp for the client support really pleased us. Furthermore, the very good quality of the support and the interface are also its key assets. Yet, its pretty high prices can’t make it rank on our podium.











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