Seedit4.Me Review – Everything You Need to Know

Seedit4me review

Relatively new on the seedbox scene compared to other, longstanding seedbox groups, Seedit4.Me has made waves since its launch halfway through 2019. They claim to offer a “cost-effective, customer-friendly” service like no other, and as you read throughout this review, they might be one of the best.

Their features speak for themselves, and you’d best believe they haven’t forgotten the primary goal of a seedbox by bloating their service with additional apps features. Without further ado, let’s dive into this review and see what makes this seedbox provider so super.


What is the purpose of a Seedbox?

To oversimplify, seedboxes are high-speed remote servers that are ideal for downloading and uploading files from P2P networks. They typically have fast networks and allow you to download or upload in minutes.

The speed of a seedbox makes them very popular with torrenters and those in the P2P community in general. But what does all of this mean for you exactly? To answer this, we need to look at torrenting.


The way torrenting works typically is by connecting to another person’s device and downloading the files you want that they have on their device. You seed the download, which sends back data, and this makes it easier for the next person to download that file, as they are now connecting to both of you. This creates an extensive network where everyone is sharing data and files, and the more people that are sharing the records, the faster and better the connection.

However, the problem of poor speeds and connections arises when the file hasn’t been shared around enough to warrant the speed being anything close to “fast”. Connections are slow and untrustworthy, and it can take hours or days at a time.

Seedboxes are the solution to this problem. The remedy comes in the form of circumventing the need for this extensive network to download fast in the way of a dedicated server that you connect to.

You then have the server computer download more quickly, at a much higher speed. Then you can either access it like you would access data on a cloud service, or download it to your device without the hassles of torrenting we are all used to.

So, in essence, a seedbox is a server computer you connect to and have it download torrents for you, so you don’t have to. You then simply retrieve your torrented downloads, fast and safe, not to mention risk-free because technically you’re not the one doing the downloading, the seedbox is.

If you are still a bit confused or would like some additional information, take a look at this article.


Apps Support

Seedit4.Me has a long list of apps and clients they support, covering all the mainstream and popular ones, and even some you don’t see all too often. This is excellent news for the review as you are almost spoiled for choice on available features, and you’ll almost always have an option available, regardless of how fickle you are.

In total, there are about 41 supported clients, which you gain access to with all packages above the “Sidekick” level. These clients range from streaming platforms to torrents and file browsers and managers. To list off some, here are 14 examples of what they offer:

  • Filebrowser
  • Deluge
  • Emby
  • CouchPotato
  • Medusa
  • Net Data
  • LazyLibrarian
  • OpenVPN
  • Organizr BETA
  • Plex
  • Radarr
  • Bazarr
  • Sonarr
  • ruTorrent

As you can see, this is a wide variety and an overall massive plus for this review. Client support is always helpful to have, as it provides a bunch more options for support and using their service.

How Much Does Seedit4.Me Cost?

prices seedit4me

Pricing is affordable and flexible, with Seedit4.Me offering four different, stylized packages. All the packages presented below offer a 1Gbps connection.

Cheapest Option

Their “Sidekick” package is the cheapest at €9.99 per month, very affordable, if with a few limitations. Naturally, as you’d expect, the restrictions are lifted slightly as you progressively start paying more. But what you can expect is 2 GB RAM and 1500 GB of HDD storage. Plus, like all the other more expensive options, it includes a free VPN.

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Mid-range Options

The “Hero” option allows full access to all apps, unlike Sidekick, but both still limit the amount you can use at once. This package will cost you €14.99 per month. It includes 2000 GB of HDD storage, which is a small upgrade. It also includes a 1080P Plex server.

Their most popular option is the “Super Hero”, which comes in at €19.99 per month. This is understandable, as it lifts the restrictions on the app usage in the previous two packages, and has the middling price out of all the options. This option is an excellent choice for someone that wants to make use of their seedbox while using other apps like Plex (4K) or CouchPotato to stream, as it has a good amount of RAM and provides you with a substantial amount of HDD storage.

Premium Option

The “Super Seedbox Man” is priced at €34.99 per month. This is the top option and includes all of the benefits of “Super Hero”. However, it includes an extra Gig of RAM and 2000 GB extra HDD storage. So this is the option for you if you need lots of space or a bit more RAM.

As you can tell, these are quite reasonable compared to many other seedboxes, and you get quite a bit for these prices, so for the sake of the review, we can safely say that prices are a plus. If you are still unsure, you get a 7-Day guarantee for a full refund.


One of the two most important factors when determining what makes a seedbox good is the speed and protection it provides. In this regard, is not too shabby. All packages have a standardized speed across the board, with a 1 Gigabyte per second connection, as well as unmetered bandwidth.

Unmetered bandwidth means that extra fees will not be charged when you go over a data limit. Many companies and services label their service as having “unlimited bandwidth”, but that doesn’t necessarily mean an “infinite bandwidth”.

There will always be a limit or cap that exists, and various companies or services will stimulate the conditions surrounding this cap. Some throttle your connection once you exceed this limit, some simply cut your connection, and some simply charge you extra for every bit you go over.

Thankfully, Seedit4.Me gets bonus points on this review for having unmetered bandwidth, so we need not worry about any limits and additional payments.

As for the actual speeds, it is slightly disappointing to only have a 1 gigabyte per second connection, as some service providers go up to 20 gigabytes per second on their lines.

Security Protocols

There are a variety of supported security protocols such as FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, and OpenBox.

FTP, FTPS, and SFTP are all various versions of a similar security protocol and have been used for years. The main problem with FTP, and why it should always be avoided at all costs, is because it doesn’t encrypt, it just delivers the data in plain text. FTPS and SFTP are an improvement and provide two different types of encryption that work well.

HTTP refers to the protection it provides from the websites you visit. When you visit a site, it provides an authentication certificate that verifies the integrity and privacy that your data from that page will be encrypted. Nowadays, HTTPS is used more often as it is far more secure and difficult to break, with HTTP being far easier in comparison.

Lastly, we also know they use OpenVPN, which is a standard and industry-standard protocol for masking your identity and adding another layer of protection. It is pretty commonplace and works quite well, so you can trust and rely on this one if you want.

Overall, the security is quite good and what we would expect at least. So there isn’t anything to complain about in the review.



Pros and Cons

We could not call this a valid review if we did not look at both the advantages and disadvantages of this service. So let’s have a look at the ups and downs below.


  • Flexible and affordable prices. There is a subscription package that suits everyone’s wallet and needs.
  • Great variety in available apps and clients, with a plethora of options to mix and match
  • Pretty average security protocols across the board
  • Unmetered traffic connections do not slow or restrict your uploads and downloads
  • 7-day money-back guarantee so you can test out the service risk-free without a worry
  • Good support with a 7 days a week livechat.


  • “Only” 1Gb/s speed can be frustrating for more experienced users
  • Comparatively new on the scene, so it has some growing to do. It also needs to gain some more confidence amongst users, but it is going a good job so far.
  • No public tracker


Overall, Seedit4.Me is a pretty good seedbox service. If anything, this review has concluded that they have a sound basis, as well as the room to grow into something much bigger. Their prices are fair, their client support is phenomenal, and their speeds and packages are enough to keep any user happy. At the end of the day, Seedit4.Me is well worth a look at and we certainly recommend it.