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Promo Code RapidSeedbox : get at least 20% off on first month !

RapidSeedbox is definitely one of our favorites Seedbox providers. Indeed, even though they are far from being cheap, they offer high-end Seedboxes for very demanding people. In terms of performances, this is certainly the best Seedbox provider on the market. If you want to find your promo code RapidSeedbox, you’ll have to go to their website. From there, you’ll have different formulas which can make you win a few prices such as coupon codes, 30% OFF or even 1 year for free ! 

RapidSeedbox promo code

How to get a promo code RapidSeedbox ?

Contrary to Seedbox.fr or Seedbox.io which have « fixed » promo codes, RapidSeedbox has customized promo codes that will be usable only once. In order to get your promo code RapidSeedbox, you’ll first need to go on their website thanks to this link :

Visit RapidSeedbox

Then, two things can happen :

  • Either you’ll have a pop-up on your screen saying you that if you give your e-mail address, you’ll have 20% off on the first month. There, you’ll just have to give your email address to receive the coupon code and get your discount. This arrives very often when you navigate on their website.
  • The second thing that can happen is the lottery as you can see on the screenshot above. Then, hit the button « Spin the Wheel » in order to win 1 year for free, 30% off, 20% off, 5% off or other very interesting prices. Note that you’ll also need to put your e-mail address in order to be able to spin the wheel.

These are the two different ways to have a promo code RapidSeedbox. Hopefully, they are available all year long and you’ll always manage to get your subscription discounted thanks to the different coupon codes that are offered at RapidSeedbox.

Why should you choose RapidSeedbox ?

As we’ve said in the introduction of this article on the promo code RapidSeedbox and as you can see in our in-depth RapidSeedbox review, this provider is very far from being the cheapest on the market. Yet, it still deserves your attention for the following reasons :

  • The client support is certainly the best we’ve tested. It is fast and very efficient and will deliver you with a fast and accurate answer. With the online chat, you’ll really manage to have a swift answer which is a point that really mattered in our in-depth review of this Seedbox provider.
  • Even though the prices are very high, the promo code RapidSeedbox will enable you to decrease the total amount of the bill. Also note that, in addition to the coupon code, you’ll have 15% off on all your annual subscriptions.
  • Finally, the quality of the serveurs are also very impressive. It is always available, you have a very good connexion speed and, on 3 out of the 5 Seedboxes, you’ll have Plex installed…and it works perfectly well !

In order to discover your promo code RapidSeedbox, go to their official website :

Get my coupon code RapidSeedbox

Promo Code RapidSeedbox : get at least 20% off on first month !
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