12 Seedboxes available with Seedbox.io – Choose yours !

Finding the good Seedbox provider is not always easy. Yet, once you find it, you still need to choose your plan you’re going to purchase. With Seedbox.io, you’ll have a very large choice of Seedboxes. For a very long time, it was almost impossible to find what you wanted because it was way too difficult. Now, everything is way more simple and accessible and you’ll be able to choose between 12 different Seedboxes. Without wasting any more seconds, let’s discover the different solutions ! 

Choice Seedbox.io

A very large but simple choice !

With 12 “simple” Seedboxes, Seedbox.io really pleased us as you can see in our in-depth review. Indeed, even though finding the good one has never been really easy, in terms of choice, you’ll never be disappointed with this provider. As a matter of fact, you have different “families” of Seedboxes.

The biggest one, which counts 8 different servers is the Premium Slots. There, you’ll find solutions from 300GB to 3250GB. In other words, it will perfectly suit people’s need for beginner and experts. If you just want something small to discover the world of Seedboxes, go for the “Chandra”. If you want something very big, you can go for the “Padma”.

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In terms of performances, it varies a little from one solution to the other. As a matter of fact, the speed connexion for the smallest Seedbox will “only” be 100Mb/s. For the biggest one, you’ll have 2Gb/s which is more than you need.

Below, you can see the characteristics of these Premium solutions :

Premium Slots Seedbox io

The SSD Slots

Then, you’ll say “there is only 8 seedboxes there”, which is true !

Yet, as you can see in our Seedbox.io in-depth review, there are also 4 SSD Seedboxes. Here, the difference is in the quality of the VPS and the quality of response. Furthermore, you’ll have a faster connexion speed. For more details, you can see the four solutions just bellow :

Choice Seedbox.io

As you can see, the prices are really higher than for the normal seedboxes we presented above. Yet, you really know what you pay for ! Indeed, they are just perfect and their performances are definitely better than the Premium Slots. If you are really demanding, you’ll definitely be pleased by the SSD slots with Seedbox.io.

In order to subscribe to any of these plans, you can pay with different means. Indeed, there is not only the credit card but also PayPal, Bitcoin and many other means of payment. In order to discover all of them, we invite you to go directly to their official website with the link bellow :

Visit Seedbox.io

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