now offers Premium hostings with Plex integrated is currently ranking second in our comparison table of the best Seedbox provider. With its very competitive solutions, it really deserves all your attention. Indeed, it has quite a few significant advantages that explain its very good rating. In July 2020, it has added two new Seedboxes to its (already very good) choice. From now on, you’ll be able to use Plex with and you won’t have any limit in terms of active files simultaneously. But, as you’ll see, these are not the only advantages of these new Seedbox solutions Premium packs

What are the Premium Packs with ?

Contrary to many providers of our comparison and ranking, unfortunately did not enable you to use Plex on your VPS. The other thing that we criticized was the fact that you were limited in terms of active file simultaneously.

As an exemple, on the lowest pack, you can’t have more than 10 files active simultaneously. This does not mean that you can’t have more than 10 files on your Seedbox, no worries. Indeed, this only means that you can’t download and/or share more than 10 files at the same time. Yet, you can have as many files on your Seedbox as long as their total size does not exceed the disk space of your pack.

Now, with the Premium solution with, this is a thing of the past. Actually, not really. Indeed, on the “normal” solutions, nothing changed. There are some new packs, though.

They are called “Premium packs” and you’ll have two of them. One is 200Go big, and the other is 600Go. There are quite a few very interesting things that you’ll have with these 2 Seedboxes.

The first thing that we definitely like is the fact that you’ll be able to use Plex on your VPS. This is really something we appreciate as it is, according to us, the best media player that you can have.

You’ll therefore be able to create your own Netflix on your Seedbox and stream it from anywhere you want (iPad, desktop, iPhone, Apple TV, smartTV, Playstation,…).


OpenVPN, Nextcloud, SSH access…

As if all this was not enough, you’ll also now have OpenVPN integrated on your Premium Seedbox as well as an access to Nextcloud and a SSH access.

As you can see in our review, this provider really offers an insane solution for people who want to download, share and store files. Indeed, you’ll have an insane 10Gb/s connection speed in order to have HD 1080p movies in a few seconds only.

The client support is very efficient, even though it is not as fast to answer than RapidSeedbox, the first of our ranking. In order to discover this provider, we invite you to read our in-depth review or to go directly to their official website which is perfectly translated in English (let’s remind you that it is initially a French provider).

The best thing to do with this provider is to take subscription for one trimester, one semester or one year. Indeed, if you take a solution for 1 year, you’ll have 3 months free, so that is equivalent to a 25% discount !

Also note that these provider offers a very good free Seedbox for 30 days. This will enable you to test the quality of the interface and the client support.

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