What is a Seedbox ? Explanations and examples

Nowadays, using a Seedbox is really well spread for everyone who wants to download, stock and share files. Indeed, thanks to the very high connection speed and the anonymity protection, many people really like to resort to these kind of services. Yet, many people still don’t have any idea about what a seedbox is. In order to help you, we’ll do a brief presentation about what is a Seedbox and why you should definitely start using one if you like to download, share or store your files.

What is a Seedbox ?

Seedbox : presentation

There are two kind of products that you can find. Many people are often looking for a free Seedbox. Most of the time, these are very limited and won’t give you the best performances.

The second variety, as you can guess, are charged Seedboxes. All our providers offer these kind of serveurs, but only a few will offer free solutions. But, what are these things precisely ?

Well, a Seedbox is basically a dedicated server connected to a very high speed connection in order to enable its users to download, share and store files very swiftly and without being spied-on. It is essentially used for bitTorrent downloads.

Your server will directly download the torrent file and you’ll only have to collect it after if you want to bring it back to your computer. There are many many different Seedbox providers.

We can name RapidSeedbox, Seedbox.fr, Seedbox.io or SeedBoxBay, to name but four. Basically, all the providers that you’ll find in our comparison and ranking are all very good and our team did an in-depth review for all of them in order to make sure that the services provided are worthy of interest.

The real advantage of using a Seedbox is that you’ll be perfectly protected. Indeed, the serveur which downloads the files for you is located in an other country. In any case it would share your information and your activity with any authority.

Therefore, you really can download files as movies, series, softwares,… The second advantage is of course the very high speed connection. Indeed, some providers offer up to 20Gb/s of speed connection.

Good luck to have such a good one at home. Unfortunately (but logically), when you collect the file and bring it back on your computer via HTTPS or FTPS protocol (perfectly protected), you won’t be able to do it faster than the maximum of your connection.

Visit RapidSeedbox

Which Seedbox should you choose ?

As we told you, there are quite a few different Seedbox providers on the market. Actually, there is almost a new one every month, or even every week. Therefore, it is not always easy to know which one you should choose.

In order to help you, we have done a comparison and ranking of the best Seedbox 2020. For the time being, RapidSeedbox is ranking on the first place of our podium. There is also a very good provider on the second place, Seedbox.fr.

The latter is based in France and really offers very good services. Its interface is perfectly translated in English and you’ll get the best ever prices we’ve seen so far.

With this provider, we strongly advise you to take a subscription for a trimester/semester or a year because you’ll have significant discounts. As an exemple, if you take any solution for 1 year, you’ll get 3 months for free, that is to say 25% off ! 

We hope that now you know what is a Seedbox and that you now know how to download files without taking any risk. In order to find the best Seedbox provider, we invite you to read our in-depth reviews or to go directly on the website of the different providers in order to discover their interfaces.

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My name is Tom and I’m the founder of thebestseedbox.com. On this website, you’ll find some reviews, tips and advice on Seedbox providers. 

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