RapidSeedbox : why is it the best Seedbox provider ?

RapidSeedbox is really a Seedbox provider that pleased us when we had the occasion to test it. Everything is really simple with it and you won’t have any difficulty to use it. In fact, you’ll see that this seedbox provider really does offer really good solutions for people who want to download, share and store many files. Why is it the best Seedbox provider ? We will tell you everything ! 

RapidSeedbox best seedbox provider

A comprehensive provider

As you can see in our RapidSeedbox review, this provider is really comprehensive and did very well in our 4 criteria. But what we liked best with it during our test is the client support.

Indeed, it is 24/7 available and the waiting time for your answers is the shortest we have seen. As a matter of fact, you’ll get your answer within a few seconds only thanks to some very friendly and efficient employees.

We really felt like their main objective is to thrive on this criterion and they really did ! While talking with them, they told us how important it is for them to ensure a very high-quality client support. Thanks to the online chat, you’ll really be able to enjoy this awesome support.

What we also really liked about this Seedbox provider is its very good choice. In fact, you won’t have 3, nor 4, but 5 different solutions. We could have been even more happy if there had been a solution under 500Go for people who really need small disk spaces.

Yet, by offering 5 packages and more than 50 applications very easy to install, you’re bound to be pleased by the solutions you’ll find with RapidSeedbox.

But that’s not all ! As “best 2020 Seedbox provider”, RapidSeedbox also offers a very performing interface.

In fact, you’ll have not bandwidth limit and you’ll be able to download with a perfect security and perfectly anonymous thanks to OpenVPN which is directly installed on your Seedbox.

Furthermore, the connection speed is 1Gb/s which is really great. Even though it’s not the best we’ve tested (Seedbox.fr offers 10Gb/s), it is still very high speed a connection.

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Only one weakness

Unfortunately, this is not really a cheap Seedbox. Indeed, its tarification is quite high and this is by far not the cheapest Seedbox provider. Indeed, you’ll have to pay between 16 and 60$ a month for the 5 different solutions.

If we compute the cost / Go stored, this is above the other competitors such as Seedbox.fr, DediSeedbox, Seedbox.io or some others. If we had to choose, we would go for RapidSeedbox even though it is more expensive than its competitors.

Why ? Well, because it is simply the best according to us. We really really did enjoy the client support and, maybe, only for this reason, we would choose this Seedbox provider…

In the end, despite this only weakness, RapidSeedbox is a really good Seedbox provider which won’t disappoint you. We highly recommend you to try, at least, this provider.

Indeed, if you’re not satisfied with it, you have 14 days moneys back guarantee… This is long enough to test it and see if you like it or not. Do really not hesitate to contact the support if ever you have any queries.

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